Facility and Pipe Mill

On Demand Steel Piles

Mill and Pipe Capabilities

  • Manufactured pile from 4½” (114.3 mm) to 16” (406.4 mm) OD
  • Up to 0.500” (12.7 mm) wall thickness
  • Manufacture up to 85’-3 5/8” (26 m) uninterrupted length
  • Pile caps up to 2” specification
  • 53-acre facility, carrying an average inventory of 20,000 tons of steel on 100 acres of storage
  • Mill uses 1,345 horsepower
  • Ability to change pile sizes quickly and efficiently
  • Production and shipping in mere hours


Our state-of-the-art pipe mill, near-endless supply of steel, combined with our large Edmonton, Alberta warehouse, makes eliminating supply and inventory issues easy. The pile mill allows us to be responsive to unexpected shortfalls, customize orders, and stay flexible with our designs.


We have a large stock of piles, piling accessories, and necessary equipment to deliver and install quickly. When projects have special requirements, we have the capabilities to create custom lengths and sizes of piles, on demand. This results in cost savings for our customers who now only have to pay for exactly what they need.


Locally positioned, our response and shipping times far surpass any competing overseas option.

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