Designed with Efficiency in Mind

There are times when piles must be pre-drilled, whether due to frozen earth or complex rock and soil conditions. DFI offers a large mobile fleet of air drilling units, auger drilling rigs, and frost pre-drilling attachments for RGZ cranes that can handle all drilling conditions.


Mobile Air Drills

  • Uses high pressure air compressors to blow materials out of excavated hole
  • Hammer bit, tri-cone, or chevron/drag bit adaptable
  • Produce holes up to 24 inches in diameter and 90 ft. deep
  • Tracked, maneuverable, light weight machines make for easy access and hauling


Auger Drills

  • Excavate holes up to 72 inches in diameter and 50 ft. deep
  • Ideal for prepared leases for cast-in-place pile applications
  • Truck mounted drills
  • Light-weight and portable for quick drilling in compact clay soil


Frost Pre-Drilling

  • All DFI RGZ cranes are adaptable to hydraulic auger attachments
  • Drill up to 7 in frost conditions
  • Utilizes the same machine for pre-drilling and installing pile leads saves time and money

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